Elite Vinhos


The long awaited day finally arrived, on October 3rd we inaugurated our facilities. In this first phase, we introduced the winery and presented our team and our project. Elite Vinhos appreciates the presence of all the guests. Elite Vinhos was founded in 2017 by four people linked to the wine sector, where their great desire was to complete the circuit of their raw materials and present their products with differentiating and appealing characteristics to the consumer on the market. In the genesis of the project, we have Filipe Perdiz, Agricultural Engineer by profession, who has been working in this area for more than 20 years and who has developed several oenological consulting projects allied to the viticulture area and who aspired to create his own space, following an old dream of being an oenologist in his own cellar. In this project, Filipe is joined by his wife, Helena Godinho, a Food Engineer, whose professional life has been in the wine sector. Filipe is also joined by Mary Wilkinson and Christian Vermet, a couple, viticultural entrepreneurs, with the vision of producing their own wine from their vineyards. With this concerted vision of the four partners, Elite Vinhos started producing in 2017 a small amount of wine already in its own space, in the Reguengos de Monsaraz sub-region, located on the Reguengos de Monsaraz – S. Pedro do Corval – Monsaraz road . This 2017 production resulted in the birth of two brands that will be marketed this year:  3 Folhas and the Herdade de Ceuta. At this time the company with the expansion it had in 2018, has a production capacity of 100,000 bottles, which will be divided by these two existing brands and with new brands that will be created according to the wines of the current campaign. On the horizon, he has the prospect of remodeling an existing building on the property for wine tourism purposes, which will be designed to receive all visitors and customers who want to know the space. This wine tourism will consist of a wine shop, a tasting room and a wine bar. In addition to this added value, Elite Vinhos intends to increase its capacity to 150,000 bottles by expanding its storage area.