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GeneralElite Vinhos and duMato start partnership with Alicante Bouschet Grape Craft Beer

Elite Vinhos and duMato start partnership with Alicante Bouschet Grape Craft Beer

Because Beer is also made from Grapes!

duMato Beer, in collaboration with Elite Vinhos, both from São Pedro do Corval, Reguengos de Monsaraz, has just launched a “very” limited edition of a Craft Beer made with Alicante Bouschet grape must.

Simply named “Grape”, this new Craft Beer follows the international style recognized in 2015 as “Italian Grape Beer”, an auspicious rural and rustic wedding between the fields of Barley and Vineyard, in which the grape must sometimes reaches 40 % in its final composition.

In close collaboration with Elite Vinhos, a producer in the Demarcated Region of Alentejo- Reguengos de Monsaraz, this new Craft Beer also pays tribute to a typical Alentejo variety, Alicante Bouschet, which despite its French origins took root in the Alentejo more than a century ago.
Eng. Filipe Perdiz, winemaker at Elite Vinhos, confessed “initially surprised by the proposal and very curious about the final result, he followed the test from the beginning, with the supply of a quantity of grape must and films from the Alicante Bouschet grape variety coming from one of EliteVinhos’ vineyards in São Pedro do Corval, the must was collected immediately after destemming and crushing without any level of oxidation. As a final result, he emphasized: the varietal character of the grape variety in the final result, both aromatic and tasteful, was very positive. It resulted in a product with a lot of identity and harmony, making the connection between wine, beer and its origin of production – São Pedro do Corval. ”
João Teixeira, brewmaster of duMato, confesses that “in 2019 we had already prepared two experimental batches of Grape Beer, in joint fermentation with grape must. This year, with the collaboration and knowledge of Eng. Perdiz, we were able to guarantee a better valuation, in flavor, color and aroma of the wine component ”.

The “Uva duMato” joins the other references of Cerveja Artesanal duMato: the Belgian “Blond”, the Irish “Black” and the specials “Red” and “Spicy”, from São Pedro do Corval, formerly Aldeia do Mato, in Reguengos de Monsaraz.