3 Folhas >

Produced in the Reguengos de Monsaraz terroir, it brings together the irreverence of the Alentejo region, combined with a winning attitude. 3Folhas (3Leaves) represents our three origins, as well as the three grape varieties that were used to make it. For the white wine we use Síria, Gouveio and Antão Vaz. For the red we use Alicante Bouschet, Aragonês and Touriga Nacional

Tasting Notes
3 Folhas White

Fresh, fruity and easy to drink. To accompany a wide variety of dishes, national and international cuisine.
A wine that has not aged in barrels, and as such transmits directly the richness of aromas and flavors typical of the three grape varieties that were used.

3 Folhas Red

Of medium complexity, elegant, fruity and vibrant. A pleasant accompaniment to a wide variety of dishes, from national and international cuisine. A versatile wine, to be drunk in all kinds of contexts.
A “thoroughbred” Alentejo, not aged in barrels, which clearly transmits its three varieties, the “terroir”, and our oenology.

Herdade de Ceuta >

On the plains bathed by the great Alqueva Lake, we find this property with centuries of history, which invites us to taste this wine. Herdade de Ceuta evokes a unique feeling of enchantment through the secular landscape, and transports us to unique moments

Tasting Notes
Herdade de Ceuta White

An elegant, aromatic and fresh wine that asks to be drunk with attention. The six-month aging in French barrels gave it more volume and complexity.
It is gastronomic, and harmonizes to perfection with dishes based on fish, seafood, white meats, as well as salads and cheeses.

Herdade de Ceuta Red

A classic Alentejo, showing the best of the three varieties were used in this wine. From the freshness and vegetal notes of Trincadeira, passing through the velvety body of Aragonez, until the dark and intense fruit of Alicante Bouschet. In this wine we seek to unlock the full potential of our grapes in terms of aromatics and taste richness. The 12-month aging in French oak barrels adds complexity to the wine, but the presence of the oak is discreet.

Herdade de Ceuta Reserve

A wine that conveys our essence, the character of our vineyards and their “terroir”. Made from the Alicante Bouschet and Syrah varieties, it aged in French oak barrels for 12 months and in bottle for 6 months.

Artesano >

Character, inspired by tradition, unique creations

We define the ARTESANO line as artisanal creations, in which the fruit of the efforts is entirely the work of one person, the Oenologist, in which the creation, the wine, carries its style and personality, with each Artesano being different from the other.

Limited production, artistic expression, extreme dedication...

The act of creating requires something called “transporting yourself” “letting yourself go”. Shape the idea into something tangible, wine. This is conceived by nature, in confluence with the terroir, in all its most varied aspects, and manipulated by the Oenologist at the moment of inspiration, or creation. In this way, he expresses his art of creating wines, according to his personal vision of a time and place, of the lived experiences and their origins.

Tasting Notes
Artesano by Helena

The creation of this wine required extreme dedication, patience and constant observation by the oenologist Helena. Thorough monitoring of the conditions of the grapes in the vineyard and the entire process of winemaking and aging was essential to achieve the desired objective.

Artesano by Moreto

Originating from centenary vines of the Moreto variety, non-grafted, free standing and with very low yields; we found in this living heritage an inspiration and at the same time a challenge, to create this wine.